Overall Financial Review

Thing’s change, your circumstances, your needs, your priorities;

Do you need to review whether your current set-up is still meeting your needs and whether you are getting the best value for your money?


Retirement Planning – Pre Retirement

An essential part of your overall financial plan, both the tax relief and long term nature of a pension makes it one of the best retirement planning and wealth extraction tools available today!

Save for tomorrow or live for today? – We all have choices about how much of today's income we want to allocate to our life after we stop working.


Retirement Planning – Post Retirement

Choices available will include:

  • A tax free lump sum
  • A taxable lump sum
  • An income (pension) for your lifetime – also known as an annuity
  • An income (pension) for your dependents on your death in retirement
  • Investing in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) and/or Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF)

Life Cover / Family Protection

Things change; marriage; new home; birth of a child; redundancy; inheritance.

So you should regularly review your financial plan to ensure you protect your own and your families' future.


Income Protection

If unfortunate enough to be out of work due to accident or illness Income Protection offers financial security for you and your family.

Many would not qualify for sick pay or social welfare to help meet the everyday outgoings of mortgage payments, food bills, light and heat, clothing, school costs, holidays, etc…


Critical Illness Cover

This cover is often confused with health insurance or Income Protection but is quite different.

Critical Illness Cover provides a once off lump sum in the event of being diagnosed with an illness listed in the policy document. Although the lists are extensive the majority of claims fall into one of the following – cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, MS.


Savings & Investments

Find out how your money could be working harder for you.

  • Do you wish to have a Capital Guarantee?
  • What time frame can you invest for?
  • Do you need access to any of your capital?
  • How will inflation affect your returns?

Business Insurance

You've insured your car, your house, your business premises and liability against accidents.

But have you insured the survival of your business?


Inheritance Tax

Ensure your estate is transferred as tax efficiently and smoothly as possible!

Even with reducing property values in the current economic environment Inheritance Tax has become a huge issue for many.

Thresholds have been reduced, the tax rate has increased and with smaller family sizes more and more clients are having to make provisions for Inheritance Tax.


Life Events we can help you plan for

Find out how well your finances match your lifestyle needs

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